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CMPT 100 tutorials Spring 2019

This is a short-term project to improve the quality of labs for the intro course. At this point we are not going to change the exercises themselves, due to lack of time, but we will add more explanations, hints, and solutions.

As we now have 6 people to work on this project, I am proposing to split the work as following:

Name Topic Total problems
Arthur 1. Functions 12
Ajeya 2. Loops 10
James 3. Loops 8
Daniel 4. Loops 8
Tian 5. Files and dictionaries 7
Kai 6. Dictionaries 6

Each work should be performed in a separate folder with the corresponding name, and the folder should contain a single index.html, and whatever files you create.

Once you finished your assigned topic, please send me an email and I will update the link to a particular topic from the main index page.

The index.html page for each topic contains inside an iframe, to which you can load corresponding content. The change of the content is performed using javascript code in main.js.

Once you create «problem, hint, solution» files, you should add the names of the files to a javascript array in main.js. It is generally desirable that you keep your work consistent with the template, but if you want to change or add something, just communicate it to all.

Here is a link to the original web folder containing all the problems from Fall 2018: link