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Simple Machine Learning

SML is a lightweight, open source GUI application used to apply the Machine Learning framework used in Keras. Currently, it only supports one program, but it is designed to be compatible with many different python based scripts. It is written completely in python, using the PyQt5 library for GUI.

The main focus of the project is providing a simple and effective GUI option to start generating text, serving as an entrypoint to further machine learning operations.


SML is compatible with all computers that support tensorflow (x64 architecture, running python 3.4, 3.5, or 3.6). Note that this program currently is incompatible with the latest version of Python (3.7.1), and will require a downgrade.


Simple Machine Learning (source + examples; x64)


If you are a windows user, download the zipped executable from here. If you are not a windows user, or want to run the program as a python module, follow the commands below.

git clone
cd Simple-Machine-Learning
pip install --upgrade pip
pip install tensorflow
pip install keras
pip install PyQt5
pip install numpy

Note that if you are using windows, you might have to use python -m or py -3 -m in front of these commands, as pip is not automatically installed to your PATH. python -m pip install --upgrade pip

Running The Program (Local)


Either run run.bat or execute from command line.

python src/


chmod 755


Get a proper computer.

Future Feature List

  • Automatic Epoch Saving
  • Plugin support for different Machine Learning Scripts.
  • Additional options for Text Generation.
  • Multiple file loading at once.
  • Nested/Better Option Menu UI
  • Less Bugs

Feel free to fork and edit the program as much as you desire. However, keep in mind that this program will NOT pass lint. You have been warned.