The comprehensive guide to the src-code server


The src-code server was created as a home for the Computer Science Department at Bard College at Simon’s Rock. Correctly pronounced as the “source code server”, this server hosts a large majority of the work done by the computer science department in recent years in source-only form. Along with hosting a Git service, the src-code server hosts the various webpages of notable members of the Simon’s Rock community.

Locked From Public Eyes

Everything hosted on the src-code server is hidden from the large expanses of the internet. For now, nothing posted on src-code will be seen by the rest of the world. This has a twofold effect:

  1. The Science Departments of Simon’s Rock have a private staging area for a wider audience to examine. Projects hosted on this service have more focus and encourage a culture of community sharing and development.

  2. The Science Departments of Simon’s Rock cannot depend on src-code to provide for all their computing needs. Publications and other legally limiting projects must find a home elsewhere. Similarly, projects that are demanding of additional publicity may find a private environment to be limiting.

I remind users that fall into the later category, that other services are avaliable at their disposal that accomplish similar if not exact tasks that the src-code server may provide.